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Tropical & Cold Water Fish

We stock a large range of COMMUNITY tropical fish as well as cold water fish.

We have a weekly delivery of 300 to 400 plants for tropical , cold water aquarium & bogwood with plants growing on them.

We also have a large stock of bogwood of various sizes, rock, gravel & small to large aquarium ornaments.

We stock a large range of fish food, aquarium remedies, test kits, filtration units, heaters, lights & starter units.

We stock a range of aquariums, stands and cabinets.

Dog, Cat and Small Animals

We stock a range of cat & dog foods frozen, wet, dry mixers, complete dry, snacks & treats.

We also stock dog & cat leads, collars, harnesses, toys, beds, carriers & many other accessories.

Small animal range of foods, leads, harnesses, carrying cages, cages, hutches, runs and bedding & accessories.

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Reptile and Vivarium

We stock a large range of reptile frozen food, live food, dry food plus supplements & remedies.

We also stock a range of vivariums, stands & cabinets.

Plus heating, lighting, heat light, bedding/sand, thermometers/gauges, feeders/drinkers, caves, plants & ornaments.



C & L Aquatics
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