Aquatic foods: King  british, Tetra, Aquarian, Hikari, jmc, interpet, gamma,
monkfield and betta.

Filters/Pumps/heaters: Superfish, Eheim, Fluval, Interpet, Betta, Hugo Kamishi, Tetra and Newa. 

Treatments: Tetra, API, Interpet, Esha, Gold, King British, NT Labs, Seachem, Supa,
Waterlife and Boyu.

Décor: Multilayer aquar rock, red lines covered rocks, black/white multi-layered
rock, red lines rock, rosy clouds rock, maple leaf rock, black/white aurum rock,
honey combe rock, pebbles, ocean rock, red lava rock, black slate, rustic slate,
slate, bogwood, wood root, ramous wood, fingerwood, catfish root, octopus
wood, hugo structure wood, mopani wood and bonsai wood.   

Dog and Cat

Dog foods: Pedigree, Skinners, Wagg, James Wellbeloved, Exe Valley, Natures Way,
Harringtons, Beta, Chappie, Arden Grange, Royal Canin, Burns and Dr. Johns.

Cat foods: sheba, felix, whiskas, lily's kitchen, Applaws, gourmet, royal canin,
james wellbeloved, arden grange, burns, exe valley, hills and Purina 

ACCESSORIES: Leads, Collars, Harnesses, Flea/Worm Treatments/Sprays, Shampoos,
Coats, Litter/Litter Trays, Crates, Carriers and Toys. 

Small Animals

Small Animal foods: Mr. Johnsons, Burgess, Selective, Tiny Friends Farm,
Harringtons, Natures Feast, Wagg, Beaphar, Vitakraft, Alpha and Spikes Dinner.

Accessories: Bedding, Hay, Straw, Sawdust, Food/Water Bottles/Bowls, Sand
Baths, Hutches, Pens, IglUs, Litters, Gnaws and Toys. 

Reptiles / Exotics

Live Foods: Waxworms, Morioworms, Mealworms, Crickets, Locust, Dubai Roaches, Fruit Flies.

Frozen Foods: Pinkie, Fuzzie, Crawler, Small, Medium, Large and Jumbo Mice. Pup,
Fuzzie, Weaner, Large Weaner, Small, Medium, Large and Giant Rats. Chicks. (we
can also get hold of rabbits, they're special order only).

ACCESSORIES: Basking/UVB Bulbs, Heat Mats, Décor, Feed/Water bowls, Hides, Dry 
Food, Nutrients, Control Units, Vivarium's, Terrarium's, Complete Kits and

Birds / Poultry

BIRD foods: Wild Bird, Wheat Free, Fatballs, Milletspreys, Peanuts, Egg Food,
Robin/Songbird, Foreign Finch, Niger Seed, Cockatiel/Parakeet, Striped
Sunflower, Sunflower Hearts, Black Sunflower, Mixed Canary, Budgie Special,
Budgie Tonic, Trill, Tropical Parrot And Suet.


C & L Aquatics
Gosford Road
Ottery St Mary
EX11 1NU

TEL: 01404 812770
FAX: 01404 815105


Monday to Saturday: 9.00am - 5.30pm

Sunday: 10.30am - 4.30pm


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